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Multitronic – autonomy parktronic.

It is very difficult to park in conditions of poor visibility, when a small obstacle behind or in front of the car is difficult to see on a small distance. These situations cause discomfort and threaten the integrity of the car. Protect yourself from unforeseen consequences is possible, securing the parking device on the bumper – parktronic.parktronic

Parktronic functions:

  • Autonomy system. Data are displayed on the LED display in digital form and scoring of distance takes place.
  • Information is updated on the screen for 0.12 seconds.
  • It is automatically activated when the reverse gear or stop signal.
  • Automatically determines the distance to the nearest obstacle.
  • It has four ultrasonic sensors.
  • Car owner can choose the alarm.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor, thus eliminating interference from foreign objects.
Warning threshold is set with melody for distances of 30-100 cm.

Triggered by a stop signal and has the function of “anti-roll”, which is activated by pressing the brake pedal.
Function off of side parking sensors during working from a stoplight.