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The brushes of windshield wiper See everything!

The windshield wipers became so common and usual part, that most of us just ignore them, until they do their work. But as soon as the full-fledged review is replaced by the stripes and stains of dirt, it’s time to change the brushes: the old ones fail in their task.

Spare parts carAccording to the type of construction, the wipers are divided into frame, non-frame and hybrid ones. According to the season of use – into the winter and summer ones. There are different kinds of fastenings of the brush of windshield wiper to the cord, as different car companies have developed their own constructions of windshield wiper. There are wipers for the front and rear window, left- and right-hand drive cars with a different composition and additional dusting of rubber blades.

The main working part of any wipers is the blade that is adjacent to the windshield. Such apparently simple detail was long developed and improved. Therefore, in the modern models of wipers, every element has its own workload.